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About Us

Northside Cleaning & Packaging Supplies is a family owned business which has been established since 1994

We specialize in selling high quality cleaning and packaging supplies as well as a large range of environmentally friendly products. Our  large range includes  cleaning chemicals, hardware and equipment, as well as  washroom paper products and a very large range of disposable packaging products. We can fulfil the needs of the general public through to large commercial operations in the government and private sector.

We pride ourselves on offering good old fashioned personalised customer service.

We will carry your goods out to your car if needed and assist you in our store and on delivery runs in any way we can.  Our staff have extensive knowledge of the  cleaning and packaging industry to assist you with understanding your needs and then provide you with exceptional service,  always aiming to exceed customer expectations.

There are many products on this website that have a "Dangerous Goods" classification.

Australia Post is our nominated carrier and they do not carry goods with this classification.

We will contact you for discussion if you have ordered a product with a "Dangerous Goods" classification requiring delivery.